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Oneboard ®

Unlocking more value from your data.

Your Mobile Analytics Wallet.


Connect to anything with an API

Ability of Oneboard to connect to external data or analytics platforms or services using an API (Application Programming Interface).

If the source systems an API service, it means Oneboard can integrate with it. This could include social media platforms, payment gateways, email marketing services, cloud storage providers, and more.

creat on mobile

Create dashboards directly on mobile without outside help

Enabling every single employee by creating dashboard directly on mobile without any assistance from IT organisation or Business Analyst.

Users can create their own dashboards on their mobile devices using intuitive interface and pre-built templates.


This  enables users to customize their dashboards to their specific needs and preferences, such as adding or removing KPIs, adjusting time frames, and selecting different visualization styles.

fraglmented data

Combine fragmented data directly on your mobile

Allow users to combine data from multiple sources into a single, cohesive dashboard without the need for external assistance or specialized technical knowledge.

Combining fragmented data is an important step in data analytics and business intelligence, as it enables users to gain a holistic view of their data and make better-informed decisions. 


By being able to combine fragmented data directly on their mobile devices, users can quickly gain insights into their data and make informed decisions on the go.


Single User Interface cross technologies

Oneboard provides a consistent and unified user interface (UI) across different technologies and platforms.


In many organizations, different teams and departments may use a variety of software and technologies to perform their work.


This can lead to a fragmented user experience, where users must switch between different applications and interfaces to perform different tasks, causing confusion and inefficiencies.

reliable application

Reliable Native application

Oneboard provides users with a consistent, high-quality, and stable experience on mobile. 

Performance: The application is optimized for mobile, providing fast load times, smooth animations, and quick responses to user input.

Usability: The application is easy to use and intuitive, with a consistent and familiar user interface that adheres to platform-specific design guidelines.


Humanized AI

sweeft Oneboard AI captures intimate information about the user that includes but is not limited to gestures and browsing data, to be able to truly understand the person and design optimal responses for most appropriate insight.

this is done.


Data privacy and confidentiality are built-in.


Data Security

Sweeft takes data security seriously. Oneboard® features state-of-the-art security measures, including biometric authentication and data encryption on the device.

Your organization's data remains protected on personal devices and no data will be transfer to any third party, giving you peace of mind.

The AES-256 encryption algorithm is considered one of the most secure encryption methods available today.


Budget-Friendly and Sustainable

By switching to Oneboard®, you can save on expensive hardware and software costs. This sustainability not only reduces costs but also aligns with your organization's environmental goals.

What sets Oneboard® apart is its ability to harness the full potential of your device, including the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This means you're not tied to a specific platform; instead, you can utilize the capabilities of your device to its fullest extent.


Oneboard®'s adaptability ensures that you're not constrained by technology but rather empowered by it.

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